Would you like another program item during or after your event to liven up the agenda?

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With the following experiences your meeting will be remembered:

Geocaching or similar in the "palatine forest"

Whether in the neighboring Palatinate Forest or in the city center. There are many exciting places for a group dynamic scavenger hunt. Using modern GPS technology, different groups set out to solve exciting riddles and discover the city and region along the way.

K1 Forest rope park

Eight courses consist of exercises that make the way from platform to platform a real adventure with obstacles made of wire ropes, swings, rope bridges and wooden walkways. Thanks to alpine safety equipment and different levels of difficulty of the parcous, everyone can enjoy this - from elementary school children to sport climbers.

Culinary competence center

Regional, seasonal or international cooking courses showcooking events and kitchen parties - there are no limits to delight.

Wagon trip, vineyard rally or similar in the Vorderpfalz region

Sail the sea of vines in a covered wagon, marvel at castles and palaces and win a vineyard rally? It's all possible in the nearby Vorderpfalz region.

Activities like bouldering, escape games, laser tag, bowling, etc.

In Kaiserslautern you can go bouldering in the immediate near of the hotel or master your next challenge at Escape Games. Laser tag, bowling, e-karting or trampoline halls are also possible as a framework program.

Teambuilding activities

Whether it's fun curling, artistic team art, varied team action, exciting raft building, sporty soapbox building or creative domino effect. In cooperation with an external agency, we will turn you into a team player.

Sightseeing tours in the city

Whether it's a historical tour of the city, a visit to the palatine hall and the underground passages, a guided tour with costumes or a tour of the stadium - on request, tourist information can arrange guides who are very familiar with the history and sights of the city. You can also find more information about the sights below.

You have never been to Kaiserslautern?

But the Barbarossa city has a lot to offer:

City Hall

is 84 meters high and one of the city´s most prominent landmarks. You have a magnificent view of the city and the Palatinate Forest from the panaroma restaurant on the 21st floor, which is open daily from 5:30 pm.

Casimir Castle

The story of the Castle Hill in Kaiserslautern can be traced back over 1,300 years. The building that you can see today with the Count Palatinate Hall was built in 1934 with stones from both the Casimir Castle and Imperial Palace and is used by the city for official receptions and events. The history comes alive during diverse guided tours around the palace and castle area as well as through the subterranean passages.

Palatinate Theater

The impressive sandstone structure of the palatinate theater rises and is framed by by two masks made of carrara marble. The front mask depicts an african king, while the rear mask represents a fallen angel.


The "Fruchthalle" (Fruit Hall) was built 1843-1846 in Renaissance style based on the model of the Palazzo Medici in Florence and served as a market hall. Concerts and major social events are held in the ceremonial hall today.

Collegiate Church

The church is regarded as the most significant late Gothic hall church in southwestern Germany. Construction of the choir was started in the 2nd half of the 13th century, whereas construction of the nave followed in the 14th century. The Glockenspiel (chimes) playing times: weekdays at 9.31 am, 11.01 am, 12.31 pm, 3.01 pm, 4.31 pm 6.31 pm and 08.01 pm (subject to change).

Japanese Garden

is among the largest of its kind in Europe. Carefully selected plants, ponds, waterfalls, fish, lanterns and stone arrangements conjure up a Far East Atmosphere in which body and soul come up to rest. The Japanese Garden is open daily from April to October (except Mondays).

Garden Fair

There is quite a bit going on every year from April to October on the 22 hectare grounds of the Kaiserslautern Garden Fair. Various thematic gardens, a large LEGO exhibit, one of the largest dinosaur exhibits in Europe and an extensive cultural program make an excursion in the park a pleasant experience. From Kaiserberg you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city, the Neumühle Park primarily attracts families and young visitors with recreational facilities such as skating park, water playground and adventure golf course.

Fritz Walter Stadium

is enthroned high above the city. The stadium was originally called "Betzenbergstadion", named after the Betzenberg, the hill on which it stands. The stadium, which can hold almost 50,000 spectators, is home to 1st Football Club Kaiserslautern and has been the backdrop for some phenomenal matches, as well as a few painful defeats. Visits are possible within the scope of guided tours.

Betzenberg wildlife park

The 25 hectare wildlife reserves preserve with a 120 year-old tree population accomodates animals which are found in the wild or were once indigenous in our area such as wisents, roe deer, aurochs, wild horses, red deer, mouflons, wild boars and lynxes. The wildlife park is open daily and admission is free.

Humberg Tower

Anyone who would like to get an overview of the city can climb the Humberg Tower located in the southern outskirts of the city. The observation platform of the tower built in 1899/ 1900 can be reached via a spiral staircase.

Kaiserslautern Zoo

The zoo located in the siegelbach district currently accomodates about 498 amimals from more than 100 species in an area that is about 7 hectares. A playground with nature adventure trail for young visitors as well as guided tours round off the visit.

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